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Supreme Group awarded the Investing in Integrity Chartermark

Investing in Integrity (IiI) is pleased to announce that Supreme Group, a global leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions, has achieved the Investing in Integrity chartermark as a result of successful completion of the rigorous IiI accreditation process.

Investing in Integrity (IiI) is a chartermark, founded in 2012, designed to enable an organisation to reassure its key stakeholders that its business can demonstrate a commitment to act with integrity at all times. The real strength of the IiI framework is that it tests an organisation’s ethical conduct against its statements of values to ensure those values are properly embedded.It can help them identify whether or not the company is truly living up to its values, from the boardroom to the shop floor. Supreme underwent an independent assessment, to see if they were living up to the Company’s values of Customers, People, Success, Integrity and Sustainability. The process, carried out by Investing in Integrity assessment partner, GoodCorporation, involved site visits, staff interviews, employee surveys and a review of documentation.

“Supreme Group’s strategy around Ethics & Compliance is at the very heart of all that we do, every day. We are proud that our culture of ethics and integrity is of the highest international standard and continues to grow and develop. We take hard decisions and we always try to apply the latest techniques for embedding an ethical culture in our organisation. As with any successful business practice, innovation is key,” said Emma Sharma, Supreme Group’s Ethics and Compliance Officer.

Philippa Foster Back CBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics said: “By achieving IiI, Supreme has demonstrated that they are serious about behaving ethically as a business wherever they operate. The high levels of engagement of their workforce on ethical issues is to be applauded. As the first logistics company to gain the IiI Chartermark, supporting their clients in difficult countries and situations, such as Afghanistan, means that creating a consistent corporate approach can be more challenging.”

Simon Culhane Chartered FCSI, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment said: “Being able publicly to demonstrate a commitment to acting with integrity has never been more valuable and we congratulate Supreme on the award of the IiI Chartermark.” To find out more about Investing in Integrity Chartermark visit www.investinginintegrity.org.uk

More information on Supreme Group can be found by visiting www.supreme-group.net

Supreme Group’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Speaks at 12th European Business Ethics Forum

Following the receipt of the prestigious Investing in Integrity (IiI) chartermark in November 2014, Supreme Group (Supreme) was invited to participate in the annual European Business Ethics Forum held from February 4 – 6, 2015 in Paris, France. Emma Sharma, Supreme’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer led a session to discuss best practices in auditing ethics programs.

The European Business Ethics Forum was in its 12th year and was an invitation-only event for organizations with over 500 employees, bringing together global leaders who are responsible for ethics, compliance or business conduct programs within their organizations. Discussions took place under the Chatham House Rule, focusing on current best practices and exploration of solutions for challenges in global business ethics.

“Organizations around the world are gradually realizing the importance of ethics in their business. For us at Supreme Group, our business sees us operating in some of the most difficult and challenging environments around the globe, so it is crucial that we demonstrate Ethics & Compliance in everything we do. The IiI chartermark is an affirmation of our efforts to uphold a culture of ethics and integrity that is of the highest international standard, and we look to continue to innovate and grow in this area. We are proud to have had the opportunity to share our efforts and also network with other players to co-inspire each other to work towards best practices,” said Sharma.

During the forum breakout session “Auditing Your Ethics Program”, Sharma walked the participants through the IiI accreditation process, which was established in 2012 by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) and the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). The participants also discussed best practices for auditing an ethics program such as audits to validate third party conduct and records, as well as standards and indices for benchmarking.

Supreme Group, a leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions operating in some of the world’s most challenging and austere locations, was also a sponsor for the 12th European Business Ethics Forum. The global organization has a robust Ethics and Compliance program in place, with the department operating as a separate and independent function that reports directly to the Group Compliance Committee. The Committee is comprised of senior leaders who meet monthly to review the program and activities. All employees must abide by Supreme’s comprehensive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

For more information, visit www.supreme-group.net

Supreme Group Sponsors 51st Munich Security Conference

Supreme Group was a proud sponsor of the recently concluded 51st Munich Security Conference, held from February 6 – 8, 2015 in Munich, Germany. Theo Reichert, Supreme’s Chief Executive Officer and James Jaska, President – Defense and Government Services, were invited to attend the prestigious conference focused on international security policies.

The Conference saw over 400 renowned decision makers in international politics, including 20 heads of state and government, and more than 60 foreign and defense ministers gathered to discuss current and future issues in foreign and security policy. These included U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

“For over fifty years, we have been providing critical, life-sustaining services to support military operations in challenging and remote environments across the world. As a leading strategic industry partner, we recognize the crucial role we play in meeting the needs of the future. Being part of conferences such as this presents the opportunity to have a clearer idea of the challenges faced by not just the sector but also respected governments and coalitions, enabling us to look into innovative solutions to support this evolving landscape,” said Reichert.

Amongst key topics discussed at the conference were the issues related to the crisis in Ukraine and its implication for the European security architecture, as well as the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. Other areas of discussion included the global refugee crisis situation and the fight against terrorism.

Supreme Group is a leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions in some of the world’s most challenging and austere locations. The Group’s clients include the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other leading military forces, as well as some of the world’s top commercial organizations.

Supreme Group appoints new leadership team for its global defense and government business

Supreme Group has appointed a new leadership team for its global defense and government business as part of a strategy to drive growth and expand operations. James Jaska is the new President of Supreme’s Defense and Government Services (DGS) division and CEO of Supreme USA; while Mike Devoto has also been appointed as the Senior Vice President for Supreme’s food-related business line.

James has more than 30 years’ experience in senior leadership roles for a variety of global enterprises around the world, including Tetra Tech Inc., Honeywell and Alliant Techsystems Inc.  In his most recent role, James spent 10 years with AECOM Technology Corporation, where he held a number of senior roles including Group Chief Executive,and President of Americas and Government. He also held the position of President of Global Government, where he led worldwide operations for the government, management support services and international development through 34 end markets in over 140 countries.

In his new role, James will play a crucial part in ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of Supreme’s Defense and Government Services contracts worldwide. “We have restructured internally with the aim of leveraging our core services and capabilities to grow the business both within existing markets and also into new sectors. Our vision is for Supreme to become a recognized leader in supply, logistics, operations, systems and management solutions for national governments’ most challenging and complex problems. We will do that by improving our project performance, cost structure and organizational effectiveness,” Jaska commented.

Similarly, Mike Devoto has spent more than 20 years in C-level management positions in leading logistics, supply chain and foodservice organizations including Theodor Wille Intertrade, Reinhart Foodservice, the IJ company, and Kelsan, among others. In this role, Mike is responsible for the expansion of Supreme’s contract portfolio, as well as geographic expansion.

Supreme Group has proudly served defense and government clients around the world for more than 50 years. The company still remains a private, family owned entity that has built a unique reputation for outstanding service in challenging environments. Following the provision of extensive support to NATO and ISAF in the Balkans, Africa and Afghanistan, the company has recently restructured to ensure a solid platform for future growth and diversification. Alongside its DGS business area, a Commercial Division was formed earlier this year to focus on new business opportunities in Africa, with a significant acquisition program underway to fast track growth across the region.

Today Supreme operates in 20 countries across five continents, providing procurement, transportation, storage and full site service solutions.  Supreme also recently finalized the acquisition of EMS Seven Seas, a global maritime services group serving merchant marine, offshore and defense customers. The company provides general ship supplies, provisions, stores, spare parts and leading technical maritime brands through its extensive network of 600 ports. For more information, visit www.supreme-group.net.

Supreme Group acquires 42 per cent stake in Tunisian-based GEPACO SA

Supreme Group has recently acquired a 42 per cent stake in GEPACO SA (GEPACO), a Tunisian-based company specializing in the manufacture of food items under the brand Moulin d’Or.

Founded in 1990, GEPACO has grown to become an industry leader with a product range that includes a variety of packaged cakes and breads, as well as baked snacks. The company holds a substantial market share in the cake and cupcake segments, the fastest growing categories within the Tunisian baked goods market. In addition to its market-leading position in Tunisia, with a strong distribution network consisting of 160 independent distributors reaching over 10,000 points of sale, the company has also successfully developed a significant presence in Libya over the past few years.

“GEPACO has created a very distinctive business model, deep expertise and a powerful brand that can cross borders,” said Honore Dainhi, President of Supreme Group’s Africa Division. “We are already discussing potential investments in manufacturing plants, new distribution methods, product customization and looking at new strategic business partnerships in selected African countries. This expansion has always been GEPACO’s ambition, and with the support of Supreme, we can now achieve this goal together.”

“This acquisition is a very important step in our African diversification strategy and is a template for our future acquisitions. Our investment focus is on consumer facing businesses in the food and non-alcoholic beverage sectors in Africa. We are serious about our acquisition strategy and we look forward to forming new partnerships with private organizations and making long term investments focused on growth and partnerships,” Dainhi added.

Supreme Group has proudly served defense and government clients around the world for more than 50 years. The company still remains a privately owned entity that has built a unique reputation for outstanding service in challenging environments. Following a strategic review, Supreme embarked on a diversification journey aimed at identifying future growth opportunities in new sectors. Alongside its defense and government services business area, a Commercial Division was formed to focus on new business opportunities in Africa, with a significant acquisition program underway to fast track growth across the region.

“Supreme is more than a financial investor. The company has been operating in Africa for more than 20 years and as such, has developed extensive logistics and operational networks and considerable local market knowledge,” said Souhail Ben Aissa, Founder of GEPACO.

“Supreme has been managing food and beverage supply and distribution on a massive scale for many years; so we will leverage their expertise to further develop the Moulin d’Or brand across the African continent,” concluded Mohamed Ben Rekhis, CEO of GEPACO.

The CEO of EMS Seven Seas outlines his strategy

November 2014

What was your first thought when you got contacted by EMS Seven Seas– and when was that?

I was approached in August, which was only a short time after I set up Wave Shipping. I was immediately interested as it was such an interesting opportunity, but the problem was that I wasn’t looking for a job; I was looking for an investor.  I was persuaded to attend an introductory meeting and there I realized the obvious synergies between the port agency services offered by Wave and the ship supply solutions of EMS Seven Seas. I also witnessed the 100% commitment to ensure EMS Seven Seas makes a really serious mark in the ship supply industry by leveraging the financial backing and organizational resources of Supreme Group. After a series of meetings, Supreme Group made an offer to acquire Wave Shipping and invited me to join the team as the new CEO of EMS Seven Seas.

Why is this an interesting opportunity for you?

This is a rare opportunity to make an impact in an industry that is so ripe for significant change. By investing in the areas of leadership, people and resources, great improvements can be made that will be noticed by our clients. I look forward to applying everything I have learnt over the years in the areas of leadership, management and market change to achieve our goals.

What do you expect to gain from it?

The satisfaction of helping a team of people to excel and build something unique and beneficial to stakeholders; and motivating my team to be equally happy about being part of that journey.

I know it will take hard work and perseverance, but I would like to create a better company by improving the services that we offer to benefit our clients. Our future market position will depend on how well we do it, but our ambition is to be the best.

How much do you know about the company?

EMS Seven Seas is one of the world’s top ship supply companies so obviously I was very familiar with the brand, and I had followed the EMS story for many years.  It really is a great company with huge potential, and it didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to join this team.

What are your ambitions for EMS Seven Seas – and how will you get there?

Our ambition is to be the preferred supplier in the industry. We plan to do this by developing and delivering a new market standard when it comes to customer service, compliance and convenience for clients.

We are planning to introduce customer service values that transcend everything we do, combined with a broader suite of products and services in all locations. In terms of compliance, this is on top of our agenda across the group, which include mandatory training programs and very strict policies. With reference to convenience, we plan to expand our geographical footprint, particularly in Asia, Africa and the Americas and we are totally committed to helping our clients resolve their business pains and needs by making their life easier.

Where do you see the biggest challenges going forward?

This is a major change project, so we are investing a lot of resources into managing the internal culture shift that needs to happen.  I am encouraging the team to buy into the new and improved way of doing things.  We are currently working with the leadership to improve operations at all levels of the organization, and that will remain a core focus area to the benefit of our clients.

I have already travelled extensively around the global office locations and have met the team of people who are all keen to work on this project.  They are looking for direction and plans, and I am committed to providing that while supporting everyone to achieve their goals.  I also met clients who want to do more business with us and have encouraged us to expand our service offering.

There are also practical challenges; extensive time and resources are required to grow the business, and set up new ventures.  I also want to make sure that I spend enough time with our clients to understand how we can provide more support to them.

But these can be overcome by a combination of leadership, courage and commitment.

How will you handle it if any employees fear that the values of the company are changing for the worse?

It is normal for the employees of any company that gets acquired to have uncertainty and doubts that need to be addressed. I have been given autonomy to set the values that we, as EMS Seven Seas, want to deliver to employees and clients. These are appropriate for the industry and I have received strong buy in from everyone when talking about the future of the company.  One of the values is encouraging open dialogue and feedback, so when there are concerns, these should be tabled and discussed openly without fear of negative consequences. I have therefore encouraged open discussions with the team from the beginning, and we use communication platforms like video messages and face to face meetings to ensure open, honest and fair discussions.  This is a healthy form of discussion and it’s helping to reassure the employees about their role and importance in the company.

How will you make sure that everyone feels alright in the integration process?

By ensuring open and regular two way communication with the team; continuing to travel to meet the team; promote open door policies; and continuous reassurance of our goals, ambitions and intentions.


EMS Seven Seas is a global maritime services group serving merchant marine, offshore and defense customers. The company supplies general ship supplies, provisions, stores, spare parts and leading technical maritime brands through its extensive network of some 600 ports.
Founded in 1971, EMS Seven Seas primarily operates in Norway, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, and Singapore. Its clients include leading ship managers and owners, professional catering businesses, military operations and offshore platforms.

More information about EMS Seven Seas is available at: www.ems-sevenseas.com

Investing In Africa: Supreme In The Spotlight

October 2014: The opportunities for private sector-led growth in Africa, the benefits of private equity buyouts as attractive entry strategies, and the focus of strategic investors in Africa were key themes discussed by Honore Dainhi, the President of Supreme Group’s Commercial Division. These were mentioned during a keynote speech at the Private Equity in Africa event that was held recently in London, United Kingdom. The overriding theme of the conference was a debate around the role of private equity in the African growth story, and to what extent it will generate enhanced returns over the medium to long term as the markets mature and new market dynamics emerge.

“Africa is full of opportunity, especially in regards to the fast growing middle-class and the huge increase in consumer spending. We see this is an attractive landscape for private sector investments, especially in the consumer facing industries. Until recently, the bulk of the growth was associated with resources (oil, gas and minerals) and infrastructure. This is changing now with consumer facing sectors presenting the largest growth opportunity for the coming 10 years or so,” Dainhi said

Supreme Group (Supreme) is a global leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions to governments and defense forces in challenging environments around the world. Supreme established a Commercial Division in 2013 with the objective of leveraging its proven expertise in the defense and government sector to broaden its portfolio in the commercial sector in emerging markets, with a particular focus on Africa. This will be achieved primarily by acquisitions, with target industries aligned to Supreme’s core competencies, specifically food manufacturing and marketing, nonalcoholic beverages, fuel marketing, and store-based retail.

“Supreme Group has been operating in Africa for more than 20 years, and we have developed bespoke capabilities and a solid understanding of the local markets and business environment. Our successful entrepreneurial experience and strategic mindset means that we have the same DNA as the owners of the target companies we are pursuing. We are planning to make long term investments that are focused on growth and partnerships,” Dainhi concluded.

Established in 1957, Supreme Group is a private, family-owned business that has built a unique reputation for providing outstanding service in challenging environments around the world. The company currently operates in 20 countries across five continents and provides procurement, transportation, storage and full site services to some of the world’s largest defence, government and commercial organizations. More information about Supreme Group is available at: www.supreme-group.net

Supreme Group acquires Wave Shipping

September 2014: EMS Seven Seas, announced that it has appointed Lars Rosenkrands as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with immediate effect. Lars has 30 years’ experience in the shipping industry, having worked for a variety of ship supply and ship services companies across Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, including Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS), Maersk, J. Lauritzen, Wilhelmsen Ship Services, ShipServ Ltd, and Sinwa Ltd.

Representing more good news for the company, EMS Seven Seas also confirmed that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100 per cent of the shares of Wave Shipping, a maritime and port agency services company based in Singapore. Wave Shipping provides a full suite of maritime services to the global shipping and offshore industry, offering port agency services, outsourcing solutions and logistics services. It is helmed by a strong team of industry veterans from leading maritime services companies around the world and has offices in Singapore and Australia.

Under the new ownership, Wave will continue as a standalone division within EMS Seven Seas. It will carry on the path to expand its operations across the globe, while pursuing its goal of revolutionizing the port agency industry by providing a significantly improved customer experience.

Lars Rosenkrands said: “We are thrilled to become part of EMS Seven Seas, which will give us the ideal platform and support to shake up the shipping agency industry and to deliver on our mission to provide a higher level of convenience, transparency and consistency in serving clients and partners within the maritime industry.

There are exciting synergies to explore between ship supply and port agency; as such, the combined EMS Seven Seas and Wave assets promise to bring unrivalled benefits to our customers.”

Following the acquisition of Wave Shipping, EMS Seven Seas now has a combined office network across four continents and a network of more than 600 ports; offering truly global solutions to its clients.

More information about EMS Seven Seas is available at: www.ems-sevenseas.com

Supreme Group completes acquisition of EMS Seven Seas

June 2014: Supreme Group (Supreme), a global leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions in challenging environments around the world, has today (June 20, 2014,) announced completion of the purchase of EMS Seven Seas ASA (“EMS”).

Following announcements to the Oslo Stock Exchange today, Supreme now owns 90.04% of the total outstanding shares in EMS.  Supreme will make a mandatory offer to the remaining shareholders in the company in due course.

“We are excited to announce completion of the acquisition of EMS Seven Seas, which is a great company with strong brand loyalty,” said Theo Reichert, CEO, Supreme Group.

“By integrating ship supply services to our existing portfolio of supply chain solutions, we are well positioned to serve the evolving needs of both military and commercial clients. We are prepared to make investments to ensure EMS Seven Seas becomes the global leader in commercial ship supply within three years, and we look forward to working closely with their teams around the world to make this happen, merging our organizations to leverage operational synergies to their fullest potential,” Reichert added.

Toril Eidesvik, CEO of EMS Seven Seas ASA said “This is a strong strategic match that is designed to create value for clients by leveraging synergies in supply chain capabilities and geographic reach”.

Supreme Group has been proud to serve defense and government clients around the world since the company was founded in 1957, by a US soldier who established a food supply company to serve the US military stationed in Germany, following his retirement from active duty. Over 50 years later the company remains a private, family owned entity which has built a unique reputation for outstanding service in challenging environments. Following provision of extensive support to NATO and ISAF in the Balkans, Africa and Afghanistan, the company has recently restructured to ensure a solid platform for future growth and diversification. Alongside its Defense and Government Division (“DGS”), a Commercial Division which will focus on new business opportunities in Africa was formed earlier this year, with a significant acquisition program underway to fast track growth across the region.

Reichert commented: “It is our intention to align capability held within EMS with the new structures recently implemented across Supreme. Hence Defense and Government services in EMS will be fully integrated with the DGS Division in Supreme whilst the Commercial Shipping Services currently held within EMS will be established as a stand-alone Division within Supreme, operating alongside our DGS and African Commercial Divisions.  By structuring our business around the clients that we serve, Supreme Group can ensure that we continue to develop new services and capabilities which anticipate and deliver to market demands.”

He concluded “Clearly these changes will take time to implement, and we will work closely with colleagues across both companies to ensure we leverage the vast experience and expertise of all in order to achieve maximum benefit to the business of this merging of two market leaders in the global supply chain industry”.

Supreme Group Wins Clean Energy Contract in Mongolia

January 30, 2014: Clean Energy presented Supreme Group with a twelve-month contract to deliver laundry, catering, cleaning and security services for Mongolia’s first wind farm project. It is a combined mission amongst Newcom Group, General Electric (GE), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Netherlands Development Bank (FMO).  Supreme Group is the global favorite in the provision of end-to-end supply chain solutions in challenging conditions around the world. windmill

The Salkhit Wind Farm is an progressive development sponsored by the private sector with funding from international development groups and the Mongolian Government. It is situated about 44 miles south of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. The project will enhance existing environments in Mongolia through the formation of electricity by a resident, new and renewable energy resource. The 50 megawatt structure uses 31 GE turbines and offsets annually close to 180,000 tons of CO² emissions; lower coal usage by 122,000 tons; and save 1.6 million tons of clean water.  The power created by the windmills services consumers joined to the middle grid in Mongolia; a country in which energy demands has been rising annually.

Principal of Supreme Group, Stephen Orenstein said, “We are committed to local economic development and in particular to national sourcing and creating local employment opportunities, so we have hired a team of local employees and Mongolian suppliers to work with us as part of our Mongolia First Program.  Since commencing operations in Mongolia in 2012, we have focused on providing world-class support services to help further develop the Mongolian mining and energy industry.”

“The wind farm is a flagship development for Mongolia’s renewable energy sector; and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Clean Energy on this project, especially as sustainability is one of our core values,” Orenstein also said.

Supreme affords camp services and food supply to workforces on road construction camps in the South Gobi Desert. One of Mongolia’s major industrial holding companies awarded this contract.

To learn more about Supreme Group’s Clean Energy Contract click here 

About Supreme Group:

Founded in 1957, Supreme Group is a global leader in the provision of end-to-end supply chain solutions to defense, government, and commercial sector clients around the world. For more than fifty years, the company has provided critical, life-sustaining services that empower clients to accomplish missions in challenging and austere environments.

More information on Supreme Group can be found by visiting www.supreme-group.net